John Nemeth P.E., C.F.I. – Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Mr. Nemeth received a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Auburn University, a degree in Network Engineering and Data Communication from the Chubb Institute and a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from T.E.T.S. Electronic Institute. He has over 14 years experience with industrial automation, controls and variable-speed drive systems for use in industrial applications and heavy equipment. He also has experience in HVAC controls. Mr. Nemeth conducts forensic electrical analysis of industrial, commercial and residential power and control systems, with emphasis in root cause investigations of electrical failures and accidents, particularly those suspected of causing a fire or damaging equipment. For the past several years Mr. Nemeth has focused on the forensic analysis of electrical incidents.


Dr. James Dydo P.E., Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineer & Metallurgist

Dr. Dydo is an affiliate of David H. Smith & Associates conducting Mechanical Engineering Analysis and Metallurgy analysis. Dr. Dydo focuses on Failure analysis and has been conducting forensic analysis for the past 15 years. Dr. Dydo is responsible for conducting investigations related to mechanical and materials failures leading to product liability claims. Dr. Dydo also analyzes issues related to suitability of design, identification of manufacturing defects and proper use of equipment. Dr. Dydo consults for attorneys, manufacturers and engineering firms. His full resume can be obtained by contacting our office at 770-972-5584.